Battery Power Patient Lift

The EZ Lift Assist is a unique device designed for transporting mobility-disabled persons from bed, or wherever they may be seated, to the bathroom without having to stand or use physical strength to get there. It lifts up to 400 pounds gently and easily, and rolls on floating 360-degree swivel, locking casters. The EZ Lift Assist also comes with a removable IV drip bag holder and a rechargeable, long-lasting battery. Available options include a full seat cushion, and  mounted tray.


  • Only 25” wide
  • Holds 400 pounds
  • 96W electric motor
  • 360-degree locking casters
  • 12-15 day battery life
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Rubber-coated foot rests
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • 3-year warranty on the battery
EZ Lift Assist Measurements

Manufactured by Shield Innovations LLC

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